Friday, December 7, 2012

Affordable, Controlled, Micro Sprints Racing Series

Affordable, Controlled, Micro Sprints Racing Series
"The ACMS Series was started in October 2011 to accommodate the 600 Micro Sprint racers who want to race but cannot afford to run with the “BIG BOYS” of the U6SA 600 Micro Sprints. We were turned down by the U6SA for membership so we started the Series on our own. It has taken a lot of hard work to get the Series off the ground but we are looking forward to a great turn out for our second season starting in 2013."
E. Coastal Group ACMS Series Sponsor

We are involved!
E. Coastal Group is donating our time helping to make this series run smoothly and Andy will actually be racing in many of the events. We have provided the series with their own custom website, as well as hosting it. We will be giving out ONE (1) COMPLETELY FREE custom website to a driver (who achieves a series accolade) as voted by the racers in the series.
The ACMS Series was appealing to us because their mission is to target those who may not have the budget to get products/services from the largest companies. This concept is one that we are very famiar with being that we too look for opportunities to help by providing smaller businesses with the highest quality products/services while maintaining affordability. We are excited to work with the ACMS team and are looking forward to a successful 2013 season!

-Dan (E. Coatal Group LLC /

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